Welcome to the impact metaverse.

Wakapapa is a truly global game, because the stakes have never been higher.

The metaverse, as we know it, tends to take us out of the natural world. Truth is, the world we all live in is not only a lot more stunning than any digital reproduction or imitation could ever be: it's what really needs our care and attention.


This is why we have chosen to create an augmented reality metaverse that helps us enhance the exploratory experience in the real world: Wakapapa.


We think this is the perfect starting point to generate a positive impact.


Our metaverse will be a game where users and partner brands work together to share each other's values and support impact campaigns while doing so.


Our vision is that technology offers the opportunity to generate and distribute more value than ever, granted we remember how beautiful our world is and how beautiful it is to live in it together – each one of us on a unique trajectory, and all part of a global ecosystem.

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